Nick Cannon left Mariah Carey considering it "toxic"

Follow the dilemma between diva Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon the entertainer, whose separation still surprised many fans.

Now transcends the comedian was who had left the singer explained TMZ.

The mood of the artist led him to boredom, as reported. But is not there. Published information indicates that the presenter would have taken the decision considering that Mariah Carey is "toxic" as a result of their environment.
Nick Cannon left Mariah Carey
It was also noted that the people around the singer of hits like "Love Takes Time", "Can not Let Go" and "Heartbreaker" she only wants to generate money, revealed a source close to the family.
However, despite the problem, Nick Cannon would be taking a "passive role" in the divorce for the welfare of the two children he fathered with vocalist. In fact, the problem between the two have reached the point at which children began to suffer emotionally.LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS HSM LOVE