Charge the phone with the Sound of our Voice

That's the innovative idea behind a recent collaboration between scientists from Queen Mary University of London and  Nokia. The team is working to develop a technology that could recharge the battery of a smartphone by human, music or even background noise voice.

"Being able to mobile devices longer work with shippers or end forever lost energy advantage that is around us is an exciting concept," said researcher Joe Briscoe in a statement released by The Huffington Post.
Charge the phone with the Sound

However, Briscoe admits that sound vibrations can not produce enough energy to break load current methods. "It could be part of the future, but probably not enough energy in the sound to remove the conventional charger," said the expert site Mashable.

The first record of a phone loaded with the user's voice was unveiled in 2011 by a team of Korean researchers. However, now that engineers have been associated with a technology company, it seems much more likely that a potential charger sound may soon be a reality.What do you think...leave a comment hsm love.