Britney Spears wants to gift Kate Middleton a lingerie from her line

While promoting her new lingerie brand in London, Britney Spears found a good poster girl: Kate Middleton.

" I would love to see Kate wearing my lingerie, "said the singer.'s" Intimate Britney Spears "HAS 12 collections of lingerie and pajamas" inspired by the romance and elegance of times past, "says the ad.

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Britney Spears wants to gift Kate

Tera in last Thursday (23), Britney said "it would be splendid [Kate using her mark].'ll Send a copy of each PEAA her, so she will have many options to choose from. "

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The pop star stopped in the royalty in thought about another possible "model": "Would love to see Gwen Stefani wearing my collection I think she's really cool and sexy.".