Convicted oncologist for poisoning lover

A woman oncologist doctor in Texas was convicted Friday of aggravated poison his colleague and lover to take a sweet taste poison into his coffee assault.Texas Medical Center, having an affair with his colleague, Dr. George Blumenschein.

Prosecutors described Gonzalez Angulo as a clever and diabolical person who was obsessed with Blumenschein. The adventure became a "fatal attraction" and she poisoned him with ethylene glycol when Blumenschein dump her a keeping his relationship withh Evette Toney, the woman he lived for 10 years and who was trying to have children.

Blumenschein stated that became ill on January 27, 2013, shortly after having sex with Gonzalez Angulo, and immediately suspected that she  poison  his coffee. Witnesses testified that González Angulo had access to ethylene in the cancer center at the University of Texas where they both worked.
Convicted oncologist

In a game full of turns of a soap opera own judgment, Blumenschein said he took the complaint for fear that González Angulo tried to attack him or his girlfriend. He added that his renal function has been reduced to 40%.

Known verdict immediately began the sentencing hearing, which could be up to life imprisonment.