Dr.Ivona Percec discoveries about plastic surgery

For Dr. Ivona Percec, Professor of Plastic Surgery and a member of the program of skin care, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania aging is a very complex and multidimensional process.

"It starts from within, is not something superficial. Involves bone structure, fat and skin. It also goes from a broader level to cell molecules. The way each person ages is very complex so you have to see all these components separately. If you treat everyone the same way, you will not succeed, "she says.

The expert explained that contrary to what was thought for many years, the genetic factor is not as influential in the way people age.

"Over time we have discovered that genetic influences only 25%. The rest is what we call epigenetics, which is everything that happens outside of genetics and how genes are regenerated. And the genes are regenerated by different things, such as exposure to the environment, how you treat your body and many other factors unrelated to DNA.

"The better we understand how the aging process can have better control," she says.

To improve the appearance of the skin is necessary to identify the reason that affects more than the passage of time. The doctor points out that recognizing the problem is necessary to make a three-dimensional assessment that the expert can analyze the volume in the deepest structure and the average structure (where the muscles and fat are) besides seeing the condition of the skin as such. It is important to review these components and identify those who need treatment.

Dr.Ivona Percec discoveries

"The skin has to be treated in a multidimensional way. No single treatment or technique that can provide you the solution to the problems, you have to use different tools such as chemical peels, mechanical peels, microdermabrasion. These are elements that complement each other to achieve the desired effect. Sun protection is also very important because at some point we are all exposed to the sun, "says Percer.

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Currently, the researcher divides her time between her clinical practice focuses on cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation, her work as a professor and the laboratory in which conducts studies on how to treat and reverse the aging process.leave a comment what do you think..here hsm love.