Katy Perry Video Reveals Her Past

El chisme Katy Perry has positioned itself as one of the most important singers. However, before the fame, lived a teenage solo tied to the church and their parents.

Katy Perry past has been revealed in a video of 13 minutes, where we can see a 17 year old Katy, who sings and plays guitar to suit your taste in music.
 Katy Perry Reveals Her Past

Before her success, the singer,Katy Perry was part of a Christian rock band and recorded this video to document its beginnings as an artist.

The video belongs to the cameraman Jim Standrige, who published the same material in the Vimeo website with the following description:

"The other day I was debugging some old materials in my office and found 90 minutes from raw material which I had completely forgotten ... I quickly edited a short sequence of my experience with Katy (...) I think Katy has become an amazing artist and woman. Enjoy ".