Want to reactivate your metabolism?

A slow metabolism is one of the major constraints to burn fat. Causing obesity, since if it is not working properly, the diet does not work.

If you want to speed up your metabolism to burn the fat that your body does not need, then pay attention to these five simple ways to help you do it.

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Drink before eating

Studies say that those who drink two glasses of water before each meal stoop to five kilos more than those who do not.
reactivate your metabolism

body romps

If you feel uneasy, such as moving much leg, you're doing a bit of non-exercise activity thermogenesis (Neat) and this helps to burn 350 extra calories a day.

"Make small bursts of activity, like running the stairs, in order to take advantage of any opportunity to move more throughout the day," advises Tom Holland, physiologist, author of "Beat the Gym".
Stand up while talking on phone

This trick doubles the amount of calories your body will burn. You can walk around and stretch your legs as well.
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Come one bite at a time

If you devour your food you will eat more and also will increase insulin levels that store fat.

Turn off your cell

Study says exposed to light emitted by cell phones, computers, tables, etc., immediately after dinner, increases appetite and impacts metabolism negatively.leave a comment on hsm love thanks.