Iggy Azalea has some problems with her popularity

The Botana reported that Iggy Azalea starred in a painful scene with a paparazzo, who spat and wished to become infected by Ebola.

The rapper Iggy Azalea was expected by a dozen photographers right outside a supermarket, where she went to do some shopping with a friend and was upset because they took many pictures of her without a drop of makeup. Furious, pushed one of them to the shopping cart, she spat in his face and shouted: "I hope you people sick of Ebola and you die."

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Iggy Azalea has some problems

Iggy Azalea proved to be a rude, not knowing how to handle the popularity she has achieved, because the harassment of the press is one of the prices you have to pay for fame.
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Additionally, Iggy showed very little sensitivity to serious epidemic that plagues many countries in Africa, which has claimed thousands of lives and is spreading out of control.