Missing Jacqueline Melendez a puerto rican woman

Puerto rico police authorities discarded yesterday that Jacqueline Melendez-Diaz, the woman who has been missing since last Wednesday has left the country and now are aimed at checking the call log on her phone.

However, as time passes and no clues of her whereabouts or no movement in their bank accounts, the possibility is ruled a murder, said police inspector and head of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) Aibonito, Carlos Cruz.
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 Missing Jacqueline Melendez

"She no left country, was confirmed by airport security personnel. Efforts were made she has not communicated with anyone. We are investigating all angles. We do not want to rule anything out, "said the inspector. "My desire is to find her alive. I have no signs of it by now, "he added.

He revealed that since last Wednesday have not heard of any movement of Melendez-Diaz.

"There is no sign, no call log or bank accounts. There is nothing to tell me that there is movement of it, "said the inspector.

He also said that the mother of the woman, 36, who did not identify, has not communicated with the police or been interviewed. He explained that, apparently and according to interviews with friends of the missing woman, they did not maintain close communication. "Maybe (the mother) is waiting the moment. We would not have interviewed, we have very little information about it, "he said.

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With travel plans

Melendez-Diaz had planned to travel with her partner yesterday, Israel Martinez Rosario to Pennsylvania where "they will] begin a new life. However, the woman disappeared last Wednesday. Rosario Martinez was the one who alerted authorities, Cruz recalled. "We still not say we have a suspect of something. We are aggressively pursuing it. We're interviewing people, corroborating "he said.

If you see her please call 787-343-2020