The Jennifer Lopez abs: goddess at 45!

Yes, girls, Jennifer Lopez (45) is a goddess in everyday life, and without makeup! Not only produced for the screen or with the invaluable help of digital retouching. The statuesque brunette was captured by the flashes of the paparazzi in the street, as she left the gym, wearing sports clothing.

Jennifer Lopez abs: goddess at 45

JLO Routine work outs 

The actress and singer, who days ago left breathless million people when presented their hot video Booty , where wags its tail in the foreground, it revalidated compliments that dedicated to her. In the recents pictures, she was dressed

Articulo Jennifer Lopez Habla de su Separacion

Of course, that what makes the American an emblem of the beauty this time were her impressive abdominal. Without a doubt, Jennifer Lopez is and has an extraordinary figure.