Thief found his victim in the bank when he went to use their cards

Thief found his victim in the bank
A man who was the victim of an assault in China found itself in a bank with the burglar who attacked him. The subject tried to withdraw money from the card he'd just steal to the citizen Feng Wan.

The suspected mobster, who was identified as Sun- Wen went to an agency in the very moment that his victim was in the same place to block their cards. The incident occurred in the city of Shangrao in Jiangxi province.

A bank teller, identified as Ye Lu, told the British daily Independent that Feng Wan filled documents to cancel their accounts when the thief lined up to withdraw cash.

But Wen Sun did not know the key card from his victim, so the cashier became suspicious. Then he realized that the subject wanted to use Feng Wan accounts.

"I thought it odd that the name was exactly the same as the man who just report the loss. The second man wanted to take $ 1,600, but it marked a wrong password twice, "said the woman.

The clerk of branch informed coworkers, who immediately called the police. Sun Wen was later arrested by officers.leave a commente hsm love...