Why add salt to your beauty routine

Lets talk about Salt.Salt is great for a bath. Simulated seawater at home and relax after a long working day. Besides softening the skin will eliminate toxins and dead cells. Also, if you have eczema or psoriasis, salt will balance your skin with its healing properties. It is a super remedy known to treat acne as it cleanses, purifies and removes dirt and bacteria from the pores.

If you want to use it as a facial scrub, salt applied in circular motions directly on wet face and massage until dissolved. To remove it using a hot wet towel and ends with cold water. After using your usual moisturizer.

If you want to renew the skin on your body, using two cups of salt with oil (can be olive or whatever you want) and use it in the shower. Pass it around the body after bathing, cream moisturizes.
salt to your beauty routine
If what you're looking is to have perfect hair, use 6 tablespoons of salt and water in a spray applicator. Throw in a dollop of conditioner and a little oil. If you have very damaged hair Throw in almond oil.

For bags under the eyes: I added a pinch of salt to a cup of hot water and soak two cotton balls and place them with patches. Prepare to see your bags disappear.

Also you can make a homemade facial spray: in a glass of hot water, place a large spoonful of salt and add a peppermint essential oil. Take it in your handbag and when you feel stressed or dirty face, apply it with a diffuser.Perfect!leave a comment hsm love