Why Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin end romance

Hsm love shows the artists began a romantic relationship in the summer shortly after the actress ended her relationship with Nicholas Hoult, her co-star in "X-Men". Meanwhile, Martin had more time being single in March after his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, announced the separation of the two after 10 years together and two children.

At the time the relationship lasted, Lawrence and Martin managed to keep it private. In fact the paparazzi managed to portray only once together. This despite the artist repeatedly visited the residence of singer, and went to see him in his participation in the iHeart Radio Festival in September, and the Hollywood Bowl earlier this month.
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin

However, as confirmed by E! News was Lawrence, 24, who ended the relationship with the English singer of 37 years.

This is barely days after Martin had a friendly dinner with Paltrow. US media have spoken of a possible reconciliation between them. This despite the fact that information has transpired that Paltrow is dating Brad Falchuk, producer of shows like "Glee" and "American Horror Story".

But a video taken by TMZ shows the moment when Paltrow strokes her hair to Martin, the end of the exit. Some accuse media celebrity actress for "The Avengers" to do all this move, simply by being jealous that her former husband was dating her famous younger colleague.