10 things you should not do after gaining weight

We tell you what NOT to do that you have to rough it and pass the time in the best way and fast.

1. Do not skip meals: If you think that spending hours and days of fasting will help overcome all the hamburgers you ate, it is an error. Skipping meals will not help you lose weight in any way. It is scientifically proven that eating every few hours helps stabilize blood sugar and keeps you from overeating at the next meal. Plan ahead and eat every few hours.
10 things you should not do

2. Do not beat: look in the mirror and angrily call "fat" will not make fat disappear and what if it is going to generate an incredible discomfort in your body. People who practice self-pity are more effective in changing their behavior. Do not be nice to you it will make you more upset and likely lead to overeating. Accept your weight gain at the moment and make yourself positive once.

3 Do not spend a lot of money in big clothes: he hopes to buy good clothes when you go down in weight.  those extra pounds in the dressing you'll do worse. Think that this stage is temporary and you will really enjoy having new clothes when you achieve your goal

4. Do not weigh: The key to losing weight is to stay consistent and be patient with diet and exercise, getting enough sleep and manage stress. Do not try to lose many kilos of blow and stop weighing yourself all the time. Acordate which weight fluctuates depending on the amount of water that these retaining and what time of day it is. Try to weigh yourself once a week in the morning.

The key to losing weight is to stay consistent and be patient with diet and exercise, getting enough sleep and manage stress

5. Do not kill yourself with exercise: started slowly and be consistent. Go 4 times a week and the next go just does not work.

6. Neither you leave the gym: Never make the mistake of thinking that increase muscle mass you'll make more fat. Although few grams increase the scale because muscle weighs more than fat, you'll look much better. Furthermore, it takes a lot of work for a woman to build muscle volume.

7. Do not do fad diet: only good for a short time and what you want is to stay and learn to eat. Do not believe in the miraculous recipes that also can be perjuciales for your health. The key to sustained weight loss is to eat unprocessed foods, incorporating a balance of healthy fats, carbohydrate-rich in nutrients and lean proteins.

8. Do not ignore your hunger: Learn how to pay attention to the signals your body and satisfy your hunger intelligently without overeating. Spend hours of fasting is not good for your body and makes you want to eat all hours.

9. Do not focus on what you can not eat: pensá it is only now, when you achieve your goal and you stay, you will be able to give you a weekly treat. Why waste your energy on what you can not eat when you can focus on all the amazing and powerful super foods you can eat?

10. Accept your weight gain: the ideal is to go slowly and go fulfill small and realistic goals. Keep up focused and positive.Leave a comment hsm love