kimberly kardashian and her vintage way to narrow her waist

A new beauty secret from the most famous showbiz family has been revealed: the new obsession with kimberly kardashian(34) to further enhance your curves is as vintage as effective.

To narrow her waist and emphasize her bust and hips, most of the Kardashians began to use a waist shaper, better known as corset.

The product was launched by a
kimberly kardashian and her vintage
rapper and entrepreneur named Premadonna with a great marketing campaign through, revived the ancient corsets, the method to refine the silhouette that women used for centuries.

"I'm very obsessed with training my waist!Thank you for my new @ premadonna87 shapers waist! "Wrote the brunette in her account and shared Instagram wearing her blue corset at home a photo.

According to the website of the shaper, some of the benefits of using at least four hours per week is that it can reach up to 7.5 cm narrow waist in just two weeks.

kimberly kardashianis not the only one who got on the move Corset: her sister Khloe (30) also used and is extremely happy with the results.

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