miércoles, julio 30, 2014

Accident at Ohio amusement park

Sandusky, Ohio - An attraction in an amusement park that works like a seesaw, lifting the visitors to 125 feet high, was closed indefinitely after a cable broke.

Two people were injured in the incident.

Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said a cable was disconnected the machine Skyhawk at about 10:00 pm Saturday.

One of the injured went to hospital for an evaluation while the other was treated at the scene.

Skyhawk has two giant swinging arms to the public at 60 miles per hour.

Edwards said Skyhawk will remain closed until the cause of the accident investigation.

Cedar Point in Sandusky is the main park of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.leave a comment hsm loves it.

Woman leaves her baby in car in Florida

Hsm love A two month old baby that her mother forgot inside a car in a medical appointment is admitted to a hospital in , in central Florida, in stable condition, and now women can face charges neglect, local media reported today.

Chequea Fugitivo en Florida dice tener Ebola

The woman, whose identity was not disclosed, yesterday told police she had taken the Doctor to his nine year old son and an hour after being in the office, recalled that she had left her baby forgotten in the vehicle, in the parking lot, picked up the Local WKMG channel 6.

The mother hurried to get the baby out of the back of the car parked with the windows up, and a doctor of the pediatric clinic managed to stabilize the creature, which was, according to the authorities, have saved from probable death by heatstroke.

Check Trabajadores de la Florida Echan Cuerpo al Zafacon

On 14 July, a 35 year old woman was arrested in Clearwater on the west coast of Florida, leaving your baby for 19 months only, for 40 minutes inside the car while she shopped in a store.

And a day earlier, was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida a man 49 years for leaving her seven year old son inside the vehicle while performing cleaning tasks a furniture store in that town.

La AAA anuncia Racionamiento

Alberto Lázaro presidente de la Autoridad Acueducto Alcantarillado, anuncio un proximo racionamiento de agua ,el comienza el proximo agosto 6 para los clientes que les suple el embalse Carraízo.

El racionamiento, recibiran agua por un dia si y el otro no,ademas señalo el director de la AAA  que los clientes afectados recibiran el servicios de oasis de 7 de la mañana a 9:00 noche.

Entre las recomendaciones que dio el director de AAA , que se almacene de dos a tres galones de agua por día para consumo personal.

Para los clientes que les suple el embalse de la Plata comenzara el racionamiento el 14 de agosto.