How Tall is Jennifer Lopez-The Answer

Many gossips about tne judge of American Idol ome based on facts,other on fantacy ideas
, there is always the doubt if any part of her body is guaranteed, no doubt. What is real is that jennifer lopez , high ,body weight, body type andthe facts that lopez has one of the most enviable global Showbiz fuguras

How Tall is Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Measurements:

Jennifer Lopez body measurements are 34-26-38 .The Singer attracts more  paparrazis looking for that exclusive note and pics for their publications and television entertaining shows.
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Surely a woman with such creative talent and a suitable attractive physique is within the categories as stars such as Nicki Minaj, Rose, Kim Kardashian, Coco Austin among others.

But one of the most sought after on the Internet questions that their fans want to know is how tall is jennifer lopez

Here the answer to that question, Jennifer Lopez is about 5'5 "and weighs about 121 pounds.

Other topics followers want to know is whether jennifer lopez has undergone some plastic surgery, there are speculation and doubts cuz as jlo reaches 46 years of age and her body seems to defy time, when we admire her curvy figure, front and back ,many think that she done breasts or butt implants.

At press conferences some entertaining journalists have asked her the question, but she and her manager have denied.

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