Is Ricky Martin really Gay-The Article

In this article about gossip of the entertainment world,i will be answering a question that even many fans made, is ricky martin gay? Well many girls kept much hope to marry someday with the famous Puerto Rican Singer.

Ricky Martin avoided talking about this topic so delicate, the reasons for not answering speculations, if is ricky martin gay, have been many,maybe the contracts already signed, presentations, thousands of hopeful fanatics, and  his bodyguards evaded all paparazzis or questions about sexuality, clearly understandable that time.
Is Ricky Martin really Gay

To answer if is ricky martin gay but wisely done in 2010 in an open interview with Barbara Walters to my best recall the Puerto Rican artist gave the scoop on his sexuality,  declaring before millions of viewers  the most sought after question about the gay thing.

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As the artist has spoken more recently on a radio show on the station Kiis FM with Kyle and Jackie O, the 43-year-old Puerto Rican pop star describes the experience of coming out the closet as follows i quote :

'It felt amazing. I Wish I could come out again Because That moment felt very blissful. 'It feels really amazing and Then when it happens you Realise your fears Were all in your head. At Least the amount of support I received not only from the media, obviously my fans, my family was amazing and unfortunately just society pushes us to believe That out feelings are evil. '

The Puerto Rican famous singer of 'Living la vida loca' commented on that radio program also, one of the most powerful out of the speculations of many fans and journalists of the written and tv , if is ricky martin gay,he said the reaon to coming out clear about the gay thing were his twins, Matteo and Valentino, who were born on 2008.