Tips How to be Kendall Jenner

Ideas about How to be Kendall Jenner

In this article I will write about how to be kendall jenner ,many girls who admire the young star of the television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and would wish to imitate their dress, their pienados, accessories and shoes.

But be like Kendall Jenner, well in this article I will share some thoughts gimmicky meaning through the internet that surely help you achieve at least look like Kendall Jenner.

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Five tips How to be Kendall Jenner

How to be Kendall Jenner

How to be kendall jenner-Keep your face clean skin daily and moisten with suitable to your type of skin creams. The "look" of Kendall is usually a thin outlined eyes, voluptuous eyelashes, eyebrows and lips perfect "nude" shade.

You'll have to let your hair grow or Get yourself some extensions, wavy hair and separate it sideways, at the same time keep your hair shiny, healthy eating.

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As Kendall Jenner you must get a body like hers, you should eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise. No fast food or junk food; try to eat natural things.

As Kendall Jenner stay as fashionable -The reality star likes short blouses and oversized denim shorts, tight jeans (really likes to impressions), pencil skirts, boots, heels and, of course, dresses. His style is mature and sophisticated, but with a touch of fun.

How to be kendall jenner-Get three best friends and if you have a sister your age, which is like a close friend, add it to your group while not much fight! Go out shopping, to the movies, do sleepovers away from home and just spend time with friends. Take them on vacation with you, do silly video for YouTube.Dont forget to leave a comment hsm love it