Why Tim Gunn criticize kim kardashian style

Today on el articulo- Tim Gunn is not a big fan of the Kardashian style .

The fashion consultant and television personality 62 criticized the famous family and Kanye West , in an interview with the New York Daily News on Friday .
Tim Gunn criticize kim

" I always say to young people and, indeed , even adults , do not care what you use as long as they do not view you as a Kardashian '' Gunn said. "It's vulgar , period. But that's what they are."

He add more.." I think that her place in history to be a phenomenon that is really nothing , '' he said. ' ' And people do not already bored of them ?

Gunn also was critical to the husband of Kim Kardashian , the controversial rapper and designer Kanye West , who won the Shoe of the Year Footwear News Achievement Awards this month, but Gunn remains less than impressed.

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