How much money do singers Taylor Swift make per concert?

How much money do singers (Taylor Swift) make per concert?

This is a Very broad question though easy enough to broadly answer.

First things first, I won’t take into account the agent, lawyer, or manager fees. That’ll be too hard to explain as agents, lawyers and managers all get different rates and fees depending on the job they did for securing the concert.
How much money do singers (Taylor Swift) make per concert?
For a one-off show or a concert where the artist doesn’t do surrounding shows in the vicinity, a singer will usually go for an Artist Guarantee of at least 60% of the Gross Revenues of the show. Rarely will they do % of the gate if it’s a one-off show in a market they are not familiar with or with a promoter they aren’t familiar with. So if the promoter or venue predicts to make $1M USD, the artist should be looking for at least a $600k guarantee paid before the show happens.

For a touring show where one promoter is responsible for the entirety of the run, it’s a similar calculation though at a lower threshold with a % of the gate. So if a 10 city tour is predicted to make $1M USD, the artist will either target an artist guarantee of at least $600–700k USD (60–70k/show) upfront or a $500k USD (50k/show) with 10–15% of gross revenues. Some global promoters have the cash flow to do large upfronts and then there’s the more local promoters who negotiate venue by venue.