This is how Zac Efron, the tender protagonist of High School Musical, looks

See the photos of the new film The Watchers of the beach , after realizing that the amazing anatomy was Zac Efron , the tender protagonist of that saga of children's musicals of Disney that marked a whole generation

Zac Efron has become a man, before and after

HIS chiselled fringe with comb and dryer marked the adolescent look of the beginning of the century, but now Zac has not only cut his fringe, but he has also made us a man (made of steel). And it is that time flies by: it has already completed 31 springs.

Zac Efron AS Matt Brody , character that in his day WAS played the actor David Charvet . Many WERE waiting to know who will play CJ Parker, the unforgettable lifeguard played by Pamela Anderson . Well, IT WAS an almost unknown actress: Kelly Rohrbach . At least we know what She has in common with Pamela.

Kelly Rohrbach and Zac Efron IN a scene from the remake of The Watchers of the Beach

And what was the good thing about Zac since he left High School Musical and cut his bangs?

The last installment of the Disney musical, High School Musical 3: End of course , was launched in 2008. By then Zac had tried to diversify with the musical Hairspray (2007).

After shelving his adolescent stage he has sought to recycle himself, with some ups and downs I would say, in the world of comedy , first with 17 again (2009) and years later with Lasfriends of my friends (2014), Malditos vecinos ( 2014), its sequel, Malditos vecinos 2 (2016) and Mike and Dave look for serious roll (2016).

He has also taken out his entire arsenal of cute faces to win over the female audience as a romantic heartthrob in Always by My Side (2010) and When I Meet You (2012).

The newspaper guy (2012), along with Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey in one of his best moments , has perhaps been one of his most outstanding performances.

The truth is that Zac has had the good fortune to share a cast with great actors like Robert De Niro in the recent Dirty Grandpa (2016). And in addition to the remake of the vigilantes of the beach has two other films pending release for this year that enters: The Greatest Showman Y The Masterpiece .

Time will tell if he can finally get rid of his adolescent idol sambenito (which on the other hand gave him an income of 10 million dollars, with which he bought a mansion in Beverly Hills) and gain some recognition beyond a favorite star in the MTV awards or at the Kids' Choice Awards.

For now among its most immediate projects there is a gastronomic reality show for television in which he will travel to investigate "the extravagant and dark in the food and explore the artistic side, the stories and the trips in what we eat and the issues and experiences that surround that that we found on the plate. "

The mediatic romance that Zac maintained with Vanessa Hudgens, his also partner of High School Musical, lasted what the movies, and a little more. In 2010 they started pears and since then the ban for Zac was opened.

Since then he has been associated with a multitude of females , from Emma Roberts (niece of Julia Roberts) and Lilly Collins (daughter of singer Phil Collins) to actress Teresa Palmer, including singer Taylor Swift and model Alexandra Storm and the surprising Nicki Minaj!

In his romantic resume there has been everything, he also tried his luck with the bisexual actress Michelle Rodriguez.

 Zac Efron michelle rodriguez

In recent years he seemed to have sat down with Sami Miró , a girl who is dedicated to the world of marketing and styling, works with celebrities and organizes events. But their relationship broke in April 2016, because she allegedly put the horns on him. This is the last known couple of Zac Efron: Sami Miró

So there we have the good guy Zac, available and willing to eat the world with his biceps, triceps and whatever it takes . Good luck Zac!