Whats Chismes meaning and its extensions

Chismes meaning is a human activity that consists of talking about someone or something, as well as badly, although generally unfavorably, without the person in question being present. Some synonyms of murmuring are gossip , gossip , rumor , gossip or gossip , the latter being colloquial.

Such activity may consist of:what does chisme mean

The indiscretion , for minor cases. (For important cases, it could be considered in the field of espionage ).
The vice of listening and spreading rumors , because they consider themselves to be gossip .
The activity, characteristic of the so-called press of the heart ( pink press ) and sensationalist press ( yellow press ), which is usually considered inappropriate from journalism from the point of view of journalistic ethics .

They are usually "rumors about rumors" of private information. Chismes meaning tends to have a negative tone. In addition, the person is not present; this means that he can not testify about the falsehood or truthfulness of what is said.

When stories go by word of mouth, a whole life (consciously or unconsciously), there has been a tendency to change things. A rumor may end, ultimately, destroying reputations.
chismes meaning
It tends most of the time to exaggerate or decorate reality too much.
The events that are counted generally have not been checked.

In many ancient cultures the murmurings (CHISMES)were considered as disgusting or improper.
It can be a double-edged sword, since when the information in question is unfavorable to its protagonists and, it is still known, it could generate certain difficulties and problems that are difficult to solve.
It can be used as a promotional base or consumer industry, the clearest example is in the entertainment industry.

Some scientists, such as Ralph Rosnow, Jack Levin and Nigel Nicholson, have done long studies on gossip, and have concluded that without their incursion, society would not have existed.